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Lab Notebook!

Welcome! This is our Lab Notebook. Over the 6 years that we have been doing Robotics at Brandeis, we all have been maintaining this material. It is more than a Lab Notebook. It contains an infinite (almost) amount of information, with contributions especially from students but also from the instructors, teaching assistants, research assistants and others. As such it has grown organically and there is no doubt old informationn here.


  1. Git clone this repository to your computer: campusrover/labnotebook
  2. Find an appropriate folder to put your contribution. There are many places, and if you can't decide you can also create a new folder.
  3. Write your contribution using markdown. You can include images as well as links. There are many tutorials on Markdown but you most likely already know it.
  4. Add the a header like this one before the start of the markdown:
  5. Git add, commit and push your changes.
title: Gooder Title
author: Pito Salas
description: nicer subtitle
status: obsolete|new|tophit|dated|current
created: 12-mar-2023
modified: 15-mar-2024
version: 1